We provide business solution and problem solving at Thailand and throughout South East Asia.

ABSA is the network link between Japan and Asia. We develop Business support

Our Motto is 3 C which is from Consulting , Care and ABSA Club. We focus on proposing solutions and developing business operation together by standing from customer's point of view.

Your key to solutions on Business

ABSA's role

Our clients are not limited to newly developed company but we are capable of support any kind of business and serve as your key to solutions as well as be your trusted business partner.

Total Solution Business Support

We are the only organization in Thailand that can support your business totally especially towards Japanese company that newly developed business in Thailand, with our specialized support methods and expert at local information. Our services are widely ranged from Company establishment, Business development, Direct investment business, Company reformation or Strategic planning to Company listing.

ABSA Club's establishment and operation

We operate seminars and cross-industry association events between members on a regular schedule.

Company Overview

Company name: Asia Business Support Association Co., Ltd. (ABSA)
Head office address: 1 Empire Tower, 47th FL.Unit 4703, South Sathorn Road, Yannawa, Sathorn, Bangkok, 10120.
Main business: Business Solution Company that specialized in Investment Business such as Capital arrangement and Market penetration.
Established date: September 15, 2010
Representatives: Mr. Katsuyuki Mizumachi
Company Capital: 30,000,000 THB (90,000,000 JPY)
Bank: Siam Commercial Bank, Bangkok Bank
Network: Japan(Tokyo, Fukuoka),Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta, Vietnam , Cambodia, Bangladesh and Myanma

Our Service


Market Reserch & Investment Advisor

+ Market Survey and Local Information Collection
+ Local partner Introduction Negotiation and Contract Dealing
+ Provide the advice for Capital Arrangement Product Supply and Sales route.
+ Investment and Company Establishment System
+ Legal advice and Company Establishment


Capital Arrangement

We have connection sources that can provide capital arrangement such as Bank, Corporate Investor and Private fund which can solve all your needs for Capital arrangement.
+ Operating Capital Arrangement
+ Capital for Acquisitions and Business Expansion
+ Refinancing
+ Trade financing
+ Project financing
+ Mezzanine financing
+ Asset securitization etc.


Merger  and  Aquisition , M&A

+ Negotiation, Contract dealing / Closure to Buyout Company
+ Legal and commercial services from negotiation, contract dealing to practical operation
+ Trust Account Control


Spa Consultant

+ Licenses Acquisitions
+ Risk Management
+ Internal cost control and Business Operating Consulting
+ From Business development plan Proposal to Effectiveness measurement



+ Capital Loan
+ Company reorganization
+ Company liquidation
+ Company Closure


Offshore Service

+ Company Establishment at Tax heaven
+ Company secretary
+ Foreign Bank Account Opening
+ Trust Account Opening
+ Tax Planning


Real Estate related

+ Real estate Buying
+ Development Project System
+ Feasibility Study
+ Capital for development Consulting
+ Rights Acquisition

Company Management Team

Katsuyuki Mizumachi
(President & CEO)

JAN Grove
(Executive Director)

Kiichi Okuyama
(Director of Japan Affairs)

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1 Empire Tower, 47th FL.Unit 4703, South Sathorn Road, Yannawa, Sathorn Bangkok, 10120. THAILAND

Tel: +66(0)2 7143235-6 Fax: +66(0)2 7143238 E-mail: info@absa.co.th